Got this as a gift from my boyfriend becuase I kept using his wash. Love everything in it... and him, for the lovely suprise!!

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  • Detox liquid soap charcoal and clay mask hydrating toner and skin oil by teal and moss on a light blue background
  • 8oz bottle of Detox black liquid soap with charcoal and clay made by Teal and Moss
  • Teal and Moss Herbal and Earthy Floral Water Toner glass bottle on a blue background
  • Teal + Moss Skin Oil laid out with serum on a white background to show consistency of product
  • Teal and Moss mask + spot treatment 4 oz jar on a blue background
  • Teal and Moss mask + spot treatment ingredients laid out to show texture Charcoal, French green clay powder on a white
  • Customer Review Teal and Moss
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Collection - Detox - Teal Tree + Charcoal Full Set

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Deep Clean Your Pores with Charcoal + Clay

The complete set or gift for those who have oily, congested, or blemish prone skin. The collection comes in all glass bottles, shipped in brown cardboard gift box for a polished appearance one would expect for a gift from an eco-friendly company. 

Made for:  Daily use. Normal, oily, or congested skin. Those living in warm humid climates or skin exposed to environmental pollutants .  Formulated to balance oily congested skin.  

How to use: See each product page for complete instructions.

Detox Cleanser

 Detoxify your skin with our charcoal + clay cleanser custom formulated for oily, congested skin. Herbal + Earthy blend of 6 essential oils calm + balance it. Gentle enough for the face, yet effective on the whole body. 


Detox Toner

Pure Steam Distilled Floral Water with Tea Tree is formulated for everyday use. Especially beneficial for bringing balance to combination, oily, congested, or blemish prone skin.  


Charcoal + Clay Mask 

Deep clean your pores with all natural activated charcoal , bentonite and French green clay to suck up excess oils + clarify skin.  Used as mask or spot treatment. 


Skin Oil

Say goodbye to your face, makeup remover, beard, hand, body, cuticle, massage, and foot creams and HELLO to your multi- purpose hydrating serum (AKA: Liquid Gold). Trust us; your skin will thank you for it!! Formulated to feed your skin the essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients it needs for healthy radiant skin.

Every Drop Made to Care

Always Cruelty Free + Vegan + Free of GMO’s Genetically Modified Organisms I Phthalates I SLS Sodium Laura Sulfate I Parabens I Soy I Synthetic Fragrance + Dyes 

Always made fresh in small batches in our Florida studio. The result - Total body care that's better for you and the environment. 


DETOX COMPLETE SET INCLUDES: Detox Cleanser in a Glass Bottle with Pump (8oz), Detox Herbal+ Earthy Floral Water Toner  (4oz), Charcoal + Clay Mask + Spot Treatment (3.1oz), Skin Oil (4oz)