3 Steps Explained

One Body - One Product

Step 1. Cleanse.

Wash away environment pollutants, dirt, grime, sweat, (and makeup) with all natural cleansers. Simply choose your pacagaking + scent.

8oz glass bottle with pump is the natural choice for the countertop to use as a hand or face wash in your master bath, guest bath, or next to the kitchen sink. Makes a great gift set with the matching scented spray. 

8oz plastic with flip top cap is nice to travel with or leave in shower using mainly as a face wash. 

32oz plastic with pump is perfect daily totalbody wash in the shower. 

Gallon refill are the best value for you and save on plastic consumption by resusing the bottles you already have.  They are pre-ordered and available 2x a year.

Cleanse is offered in 5 scents made from pure essential oil blends: 

Free Spirit - Unscented for the most sensitive skin

Daydreamer - Soothing + Calming Lavender

Go Getter - Uplifting + Energizing Mint

So Fresh - Happy + Sweet Citrus

Detox - Black soap w/Charcoal + Clay.  Herbal + Earthy Blend for oily, congested skin.

Step 2 Exfoliate. 

Add cleanser to a loofah, sponge or washcloth.  Or Try our

Charcol + Clay Mask for oily, congested skin.

Almond + Oats Srub  exfoliating + hydrating srub with fruit enzymes. 

Step 3 Hydrate.

Skin oil  AKA Liquid gold - deeply hydrating unsecnted moisturizer.   

Wiith our Rose hydrosol toner for all skin types, including sensitive or Our Detox toner with tea tree hydrosol for oily, congested skin.

With our hair + body perfume.  Daydreamer, Go Getter, So Fresh